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How Long: Yahuah Music

Chorus: how long will it be till we see the coming of the Son of Man / how long will it be till Yah comes to destroy then wicked man / how long will it be till Babylon is taken from our land / at the end of this age when we come to the stage when he judges with his hand / ohhh we gotta move on we gotta press on for the prize of our lives / Yahushua Ha Moshiach Ruach Adonai / I put on the full armor so I can put up a fight.

Verse 1: most people go along with some people who are wrong but I’m singing this song waiting for the break of dawn / no I won’t go back to who I used to be / I’ll stay in harmony with The One who set me free / I’m a debtor to mercy hungry and thirsty ready for Your kingdom come / I’m holding on firmly I know that You’re worthy / Father let your will be done / shatter Babylonian mentality / prepare our people for a state of emergency

Verse 2: Then evil men pretend to be my friend but I refuse to bend and bow down to them again / no I won’t go back to who I used to be / I’ll stay passionately / no more chains are holding me / we must hold on / we must stay strong / endure the pains from Babylon knowing she will receive the judgment from The Lion / we’re holding on / we’re calling on The King of New Jerusalem / it won’t be long / we will be marching into Zion

Bridge: How long will we wait till we see His beautiful face / how long must we fight / no more cries in the middle of the night.

His Love (YAHUAH) piano/strings/bass/vocals


Yisrael Arise


In The Middle of The Storm